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This is Where it All Started

There was a day, seven years ago, when two very young souls were planning a wedding. A few weeks out the young man turned to his betrothed and said, "Why don't we be tribal missionaries? And let's train with New Tribes Missions right after we get married." And the young lady, who had been dreaming of a quaint little apartment in a nearby town said, "OK, sounds good!"

After a wedding, a month-long honeymoon, a broken down truck, a couple other hick-ups and a farewell to their families and their churches, the two made the treck to a hole-in-the-wall town in Michigan to attend two years of Bible training at what was then called New Tribes Bible Institute.

And we would never take it back.


The time was full of adjustments, trial, blessing, and most importantly, growth. The Bible says, "All Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work (2Timothy 3:16)." And may I just attest to the fact that the Bible is Truth and what it has to say is very, very true! We were stretched and reproved, taught and corrected, trained and moved a little closer towards completion, and it was not always fun! But it was so very worth it.

We had hoped to follow the training program seamlessly, but God created margin where we didn't even know we needed it. So, after graduating from the Bible Institute, interning for another year, connecting for an additional 3 years with those we love in our hometown, and the addition of 3 children, it seems the Lord is finally directing us back to the beaten path of missions training.

And we're pumped! And a little nervous (you guys, this campus is located in tornado ally!! Yikes! ...oh, and of course we're nervous about this huge life change!). But mostly pumped!

We are so excited to learn, as a family, how to reach people who reside in a totally different cultural context than we're used to. We're excited to learn how to be observers, learners, teachers, and team members. We're excited to learn how to church plant, how to work as a team with other people, how to thrive in a cross-cultural and uncomfortable setting and most importantly, how to best glorify the Father by bringing the gospel to people he loves in the culture in which he's placed them. And we're excited to be stretched even more in ways we can't even fathom. (and again...a little nervous. Just want to be upfront with you in where we are with our walk!)



And we're excited (and a little nervous) to ask you to partner with us. Especially as early on as the second half of the training. But we can't do this alone. We need prayer. Prayer. And more prayer. And we need financial backing. The investment put towards the training in housing, tuition, books, and childcare for the entire 2 years is $32,934. And, while we're attending the Missionary Training Center (MTC), we won't be able to have regular jobs to earn an income. This seems like a lot; but to us, and for the Kingdom, it's invaluable.

So, this being said, in there are many ways to partner with us prayerfully and financially. We've started this blog in order to bring in an income while we're attending classes and doing ministry. So please, subscribe! Follow the affiliate links (hey..even if you don't buy the super awesome book or resource we suggest...if you just follow the link and buy something from the source...which is usually Amazon, we can earn a small kickback!) If you like the photography, hire us or buy some prints. Keep reading the blogs so you can keep us on your hearts and we can invest our hearts into you as well. And of course, you can always check out our gofundme page for a more detailed look at tuition costs.

And lastly, please, please talk with us! While we're using pseudo names with our online presence, we are real people and we would love to know you, to pray for you and partner with you to advance the gospel. To connect with us, check out our facebook pages or subscribe to this blog using the subscribe button at the bottom of this page in order to receive updates related to the training and missions goal. If you're interested in investing in the commission "to go therefore (matthew 28)" or want to help someone be feet that bring the good news (Romans 10, Isaiah 52) where you perhaps can't go yourself, click the "Let's Go!" button at the bottom of this page to support us financially.

Learning to be the feet,

Em Rae and family

PS- For a list of FAQ, check out the freshwalk on facebook and read our about me story.