Young Life Family Camp

Relaxing in the Summer Breeze

Isn’t it nice to sit out in a rocking chair, on a big, open porch with a view of the Appalachian mountains, a cup of coffee, and a cool breeze carrying the sweet sounds of laughter through the trees?

I can personally attest that it is nice. Super nice. And it’s how I spent my weekend at…are you ready?

…Young Life Family Camp!

Intentional Family Time

I was there as the “family photographer” and was assigned to meet the families I photographed at the big porch off the building known as Spring Center. And that porch was fantastic! My husband and kids wandered around the camp grounds or took naps while I was “working,” so this mom of three got a chance to do what I enjoy and to rest in between sessions.

And I observed a lot. I got to meet a handful of incredibly unique and sweet families as I photographed them or while we ate the best camp food I’ve ever tasted in all my camp experience…ever…I’ll come back to that…

Families were playing together. Laughing together. Enjoying each other. And they were together in an environment that praises the God who made them.

I saw them playing volleyball, going down waterslides, swimming in the lake, zipping down the zip-line, and I heard about the fun they had working as teams to make it across the tree top ropes course. And if that wasn’t enough, the incredible staff and volunteers that were there to serve planned hilarious games and activities to do during club and just before dinner.

Friends, they even had a nighttime pool party complete with fireworks.

Sounds like a party to me!

And Don't Forget the Food!

And just to top the ice-cream with that ever important cherry, here’s a flash back to a meal we were served.

Scene: Music, fun, awesome volunteers, and a table shared with a sweet and fun family who’s sons helped my youngest to cease crying! 😉

“Man, they did a goooood job on this dinner,” my husband said as he scooped some homemade, good and cheesy macaroni and cheese onto his plate. We passed around the baked chicken, green beans, pork bbq, macaroni and rolls (yes…there was a salad somewhere on the table as well) with the family we were sharing the meal with as quickly as we could. It was time to eat. And yes, it was so delicious! In fact, every meal we had was so delicious! And if we didn’t fill up at mealtime- there was a snack bar to keep the deliciousness going!

..and for those of you who are as hooked on coffee as I am…the coffee was good and they even had cold brewed coffee for those hot summer days.

So- since there’s no excuse to not attend Young Life Family Camp (I mean..there’s food, fun and coffee…) then check out the photos below and check out this link to learn more about Rockbridge Camp here and check out their Facebook page here, and then check out these other posts to see photographs of the amazing families I met while there.

Without further ado- some happy faces from family camp!


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