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Sometimes God's plans are different from ours.

And that's a good thing.

Why do I say that at the start of a blog post about a wedding special I've chosen to run? Because it is a difference between God's plan and my own plans that led my husband and I to decide to start photographing weddings as part of the vision we have of helping families leave a visual legacy for future generations.

We had planned to be moving out of state this August to finish missionary training with Ethnos360. But God has closed the door (though he has not thrown away the key) for this August in a very interesting way. While it was heartbreaking for us, we have chosen to lean into the perfect will of the Father, and our heartbreak is already being replaced by excitement for the year to come. Excitement to be blessed to spend another year with our incredible church family and our "Thursday Night" community group. Excitement at the potential for relationships that will be built. Excitement to watch the Lord provide a place for us to live and the financial means to live there. And Excitement to watch his plan unfold.

And so here we are with another year to go before training...again...we must have quite a bit of maturing to do! 😉 But because of that, we now have the opportunity to expand our growing photography portfolio and skill set to include weddings.

So I'm offering an entry special to the first 2 couples with 2019 weddings between now and fall.

Here's the special:

An $800 investment that includes engagement photographs, wedding day coverage, and access to all of your completed, high resolution images in a professionally edited gallery. There will also be opportunities to meet once before the engagement session and once before your wedding. Proofs, albums, prints and engraved USBs are also available at additional cost.

How do you know if you're a Fresh Walk Bride? If your wedding day is a celebration of your faith and of your commitment to each other that you want to share with generations to come. Weddings are full of joy, incredible memories, love, tears, and eager expectation of the future....and often times good food! I would love to help you capture all of that through a meaningful experience and in a meaningful way.

I'm excited to spend this time with you. As God has kept my family on the east coast, we've become eager to see how he will use us to serve and how he will continue to grow us in our walk with him and in his work to complete us in the image of Jesus Christ. Maybe that service will include you and your family? I would love that very much.

Send me a message and we'll get the process started!


Until next time,

Em Rae

The Fresh Walk Photography


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