Coffee mugs, teeshirts…Coffee mugs! Unique Designs for You!

I am so excited to share this with you! Last night, my husband and I were trying to think of ways to support our family and honor the Lord. It's important to us that we're able to protect the time necessary to get to know and serve our God as a team and as a family. This is one of the avenues we've come up with- an online shop featuring our own designs!

Have any of you ever done this before?

We are so excited to give it a try. And if you enjoy design and are interested in selling your work, let me just say there are so many avenues to do it through! I'll come back and update this post after a few months to let you know how it's working out and offer my advice as one who's tried it out! (and maybe succeeded...or maybe flopped! We'll see!)

Until then, check out these links. And in case you were curious- your money isn't just supporting our family in the normal sense... but is actually aiding in getting us to the mission field.

The plan (unless the Lord redirects us) is to finish the training we began nearly 7 years ago by completing the final phase of the process- the 2-year training program with Ethnos 360 (formally New Tribes Mission) in August 2019. To do this, we need to finish paying off some medical bills and then raise enough money to attend and to cover the costs of living while we're there.

It's a bit unconventional- you're required to spend the whole time there almost as if you were already on the field. The whole day, every day, revolves around ministry, technical training (basic medical, language learning skills, etc), and growing in the Lord. So we're looking to be able to have a source of income through this blog and products that will carry us through the training and, the Lord willing, to the field.

So- fellow believers, feel good about where you spend your dollar! Check out these products and be reminded to live daily in the Lord.

More to come! But here's what we have for now!! Would love feedback! And be on the lookout for more changes to the website.

This summer, we're going to really focus on photography and unique products for you. So blog posts may be on the minimum until the summer/fall season fades to winter. But don't worry, there will be updates and posts!! They'll just be a little less frequent.

We as a family value you and appreciate your support!
Walk fresh!
-Em Rae

Journey Poster

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