Two for Tea? Tea for Two! Meet John and Crimson.

John and Crimson were so much fun to photograph!

Their session was a little unconventional (i.e. decided upon at the last min during Crimson's amazing, tea party bridal shower). So as we walked out to location I asked,

"What would you say your style is? Your personality as a couple?"

To which I was told, "Our style is...awkward."

Well, to John and Crimson, I just say this one thing in response:

You guys are not awkward. You're fun and light-hearted and this session was just a delight! I'm so excited that in 20 min (plus, of course, a tea party...) I was able to see just how much you light each other up, and even better, how that light just fills the room and the hearts of those around you.

I think that's one of the brightest gifts God incorporated into marriage. The blessings of love and joy that are meant to not only fill the man and woman who have become one, but to also overflow to those around them. What an amazing way to point back to the love of the father and the union of the Trinity.

Listen, you two spread the joy better than a coke a cola can.

It was a pleasure and honor to photograph you! And I'm looking forward to your wedding!!


And because I mentioned a tea party....

Hands down, the best tea party I've ever attended. We ate well, we learned a lot about the history of teapots and sampled an amazing and delicious variety of teas, we fellowshipped, and we celebrated Crimson and her soon to be union with John.

Now that's how it's done!

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