Tori’s Senior Session at the Blandy Experimental Farm- Northern Virginia Photography

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A Morning at Blandy Farm with Tori

This senior session at the Blandy Farm Arboretum was unique. This was not your usual warm weather session. This was a cold-it-had-just-recently-snowed kind of session. And Tori was an exceptional subject.

Tori stands out in a world saturated with material or self-focused values as one who holds her family close to heart and values others simply because they are people. She is hardworking and down to earth, but also fun and easy to talk with. She also has a charming smile and a sweet demeanor, while still being able to stay true to self in a crowd. These characteristics made for a session that was enjoyable and easy-going without a single peep about the cold weather!

I hope you're able to see some of this incredible young woman's personality as you scroll through her photographs.

Tori, thank you for the opportunity to create these memories of this time in your life.

Until next time,

Em Rae

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