The Number 1 Reason Bookroo is Good for Families

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Bookroo and the Heart of a Family

The love of reading and storytelling runs in my family. My Grandpa is a storyteller and would often send us to bed with a folktale told in his own unique voice. My Dad had a closet full of books he’d fly through week by week. And my brother and I would lock ourselves in our rooms to “binge read” the books we got our hands on, dreading to step out of the worlds painted by authors such as CS Lewis, Austin, or Tolkien. So it’s easy to imagine that I would want to continue on that same love to my kids.

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More Than Just a Good Read

But I would like to submit the idea that the mere enjoyment of stories and reading is not the only or the most compelling reason to share the art with our children. I believe it runs so much deeper than that, and is in fact, more of a necessity than many would have thought. Not only is it a way to help develop a child’s mind academically through the use of proper sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary, but it is way of thinking that will help our children mature into adults who are skilled in the art of communication, capable of solving problems, and able to look outside themselves into the joy, pain, and circumstances of the lives of others. Even more importantly than all that, it is the way in which our Creator chose to speak to us.

Now, I know I’ve already talked about the importance of reading together in The Magic of Story Time, but this time I'm going to review for you one of my favorite tools to make reading even more exciting and delightful. It's a tool that takes receiving a book to a whole new level and introduces children to the very concepts I mentioned above. It allows families to have moments of bonding as they create traditions and memories in their own family story. It causes them to be excited together, to be suprised together, and to enjoy a new story (or 2) together. So, to sum this up, the number one reason this company is so good for families is that it creates an avenue for the family to add to their own unique story as they receive and dive into their brightly wrapped books together. Allow me to introduce you to Bookroo.

Bookroo is a company that prides itself in helping kids cultivate the love of reading. And I have to say, they do a good job. Not just a good job, a great job. So you can really get the picture, let me walk you through the process as we experience it with our children.

This is Our Bookroo Experience

  1. I order my Bookroo subscription based on the age of my kids. They have books ranging from board books for the wee littles up to chapter books for preteens. We pick the picture books for ages 2-6. Then we wait for our box to arrive, with 2 colorfully wrapped, hardcover picture books addressed to our kids! (Are you wondering about multiple age groups in the same house? Check out the link to see BookRoo’s response to such a blessing.)

2. When our box arrives, it is unmistakable. The teal box with a kangaroo logo on the front tips our kids off to the arrival of their “presents” and their excitement mounts. Not gonna lie, things got a little hectic around here and I had to leave their box, unopened, by my desk for nearly two weeks until I could photograph the box and its contents. The disappointment was real.

3. But where there was disappointment, there was greater reward. Finally, the day came when they were able to open their gifts!

4. And open them they did.

5. And after they had excitedly opened them, my kids immediately began flipping through pages and talking about the beautiful illustrations. I pause on this because it’s important to remember that storytelling really isn’t just written or spoken. We tell stories through music, through movement, through photographs, and through art. And what was super interesting about the books we received this time (and really, most of the time) is that the written story would seriously be lacking if not for the illustration. In fact, we would miss out if the picture wasn’t there as well. Just food for thought as your raising your family. How has God communicated to you visually? Through word? And how are we communicating as families to tell our stories?

6. But back to BookRoo- guys, I highly recommend this service. If you’re never certain what books to get, or even what books are out there to be read, this will give your kids plenty of variety and options. And for my family specifically, it’s helping us build a library for our younger kids to grow into. 

Here are some photographs of what came in the box we received this month. Every month comes with 2 colorful books. One of our very favorite books, A Pirates Lullaby, came through the Bookroo subscription service! Thank you Bookroo!

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Your Chance to Create Memories with Your Family

So, as a thank you for making it to the end of this post here is the code to check out at Just type in THEFRESHWALK at checkout to get 15% off! Don’t hesitate, friends. I’m telling you, it’s great. If we weren’t trying to keep our photos off the internet, I would have made a video of my kids opening their books and devouring them! They expand the imagination, the help facilitate empathy, they teach proper grammar and sentence formation, and they create a means for bonding as a family. I know we’ll be reading these same two books for about a week, every night (until we go back to our classics!)


*Please Note: I did receive a free Bookroo box in exchange for my review but that's because I was already a fan of Bookroo and wanted to do a review for them! So this is as real as it gets 😉 Thank you for supporting this work at home mommy!

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