The Cave

Perfect is the Light in here

He pierces the darkness

He cast out fear.


In His brightness rests the soul

Loved, fed, understood,

Born again, whole.


His Word implanted on the heart

Sweet as honey

Transformative, sharp.


He fills us up to send us out,

He’s prepared the way,

We needn’t doubt.


But sin is just outside this place,

a darkness there

that isn’t safe.


And lo from deep within a scream

of souls unloved,

unheard, unseen


Yet more piercing than the shrillest scream

are words

that from the darkness stream:


"I cannot see the light out here.

I stand alone in doubt and fear.

Lost in this dense and blackest night,

Ever entangled in man's plight.

Is there a god? Can someone hear?

I cannot see the light out here.

Pretending now that I am all right,

though death is coming in this night.

I cannot see the light out here.


There is no light to cast out fear."

And in our hearts, the sting of fear

injects self-doubt,

denial, tears.


For from this darkness we were found

Once lost, once wicked,

Once doomed to drown.


But in his Love, he gave his life.

The perfect lamb,

Our sacrifice


And through the darkness pierced the Light

Who will never, ever

leave our side.


No, he has never left our side.

So we turn toward him

and in his arms abide.


No, darkness will never overcome

the light of God,

the light of His Son.

So boldly now we turn and face

The evil that has filled

this place.


And carry forth the perfect light

that will bring an end

to man’s oppressive plight.


Empowered by our God above,

to reach the lost

with his perfect love.


We will move forth, the bride of Christ,

To harvest the field

that has grown in the night.

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