Sean and Cassidy, Engaged, Regency at Dominion Valley, Haymarket, Virginia Photographer


Sean and Cassidy's Engagement Session

Fall is in full swing out here in Virginia, and this session gave us a good taste of the chilly rain that often accompanies the changing leaves! Normally, rain like we experienced this chilly fall evening would be reason to reschedule- but with the expectation of our 4th baby’s arrival at the end of November, we were not able to line up our schedules for a rain date! But let me tell you, this couple you’re about to meet still had a wonderful attitude for this entire session. There was not one complaint uttered and there were plenty of smiles to go around! Not to mention the groom willing braved the chilly rain to hunt and gather some lovely fall leaves to photograph the bride-to-be’s ring with! What a guy!


Meet Sean, Cassidy, and their sweet and energetic son, Lincoln. This beautiful family had their engagement session at the Regency Club in Old Dominion, Haymarket, Virginia. It was such an honor to spend an evening with them. Not only did I get to know them and catch a glimpse of their love and friendship with each other, but I just so happen to love Cassidy’s sweet mamma and was able to catch up with her a little as well! Talk about a win-win for this photographer!

I’m sure you’ll be able to see what I mean about love and friendship as you meet this couple through their portraits. They made a dreary day bright. I would do this session over and over again. Thank you, Sean and Cassidy, for trusting me enough to brave the rain and for inviting me into this exciting and wonderful time in your lives.

Until next time,

Em Rae

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Venue: Regency at Dominion Valley, Haymarket Virginia


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