Say Hello to Travis and Nicole!

What a Pair of Love Bugs!

My family and I just returned from what turned out to be a two-week long cross-country road trip to attend my youngest brothers wedding. And it was worth the time! The wedding was just beautiful! And while I wasn't the photographer (check out Lily and Lime out in Seattle Washington to see some great photos), I obviously still took some time to photograph them!

These two are so sweet and their wedding was nothing short of that adjective. This couple celebrated their marriage by giving gifts to their guests (can I just cream truck? Yes, it's true), by keeping the ceremony intimate and close, and by battling a surprisingly strong wedding cake pinata. And contrary to Washington's normal rainy weather, their day was spent in bright, warm sunshine.

I wish I could have captured more of their beautiful day! But I am excited to share with you a small glimpse of their joy.



2 thoughts on “Say Hello to Travis and Nicole!

  1. Thanks Alexis! And yes, I’m definitely proud of both my brothers! Although it is so odd to see them married off…haha. I suppose it’s normal for people to grow up 😉 Thanks for the comment! -Em

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