Remember and Hope

A Thought

Good morning friends. Many years have passed since the events that forever scarred the heart of our nation in September 2001. And while they may seem long and full of new life and events, we all know that years do not erase sorrow. Such is the case for every kind of sorrow and every kind of loss.

How does that thought settle in your mind and on your heart?

I suppose that is what I'd like to consider as we remember the events of 9/11. Daily there is tragedy and loss, destruction of innocence and the slaughtering of life. Daily we're confronted with the unignorable presence of evil and the resulting brokenness and chaos. Daily we or those we love are subjected to these intrusive and impartial powers. But we do not have to be ruled by them. In fact, Scripture says that while our struggle is against them, God is greater than them and they are, in fact, subject to him. (Ephesians 6:12, I Peter 3:22)

So, we have Someone greater to look towards. Someone who transcends all the circumstances, all the pain, and all the darkness that permeates this world while still being very much present in every aspect of this same world and our lives. We will experience great pain and great loss while we are here. But for those who look to the Son, joy will come in the morning.

So today let's remember the loss, the shock, and the sorrow. Let's remember the people who were the most deeply affected. Let's remember the depths to which pain can seep into our very beings and that there are so many who feel it as indescribable a way as we do.  And let's remember our God and the hope that we have for that day when these things will be no more. When he will complete his promise and his plan to redeem what has been destroyed. Let's look ahead and allow the things of this earth to grow so strangely dim. Let's allow his light and glory and grace to permeate deeper than the reach of pain.

I think these words sum it up well-

"And what shall be my journey,
How long I'll stay below,
Or what shall be my trials,
Are not for me to know.
"In every day of trouble
I'll raise my thoughts on high,
I'll think of that bright temple
And crowns above the sky."
(—From "There is a Holy City," one of Sojourner Truth's favorite hymns)

-In Christ,

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