Meet the Casteen, the March, and the McCoy Families

What a Privilege!

I had the privilege of meeting these families while doing short, 15 minutes or less sessions at Young Life Family Camp hosted by the Capital Region at Rockbridge Camp in Goshen. They were all so unique, beautiful, and joy-filled and such fun to photograph. I wish the time could have been a little longer! That to say, I'm so excited for you to "meet" these unique families and catch a glimpse of their personalities in their pictures. As you're hanging out here at, take some time to "meet" a few other families and subscribe to continue to meet more, get some sweet deals, and get some helpful materials for your walk with the Lord!

To the families,

It was an honor to help you capture a memory of a time in your family's life where there was an intentional decision made to play and grow together in the Lord. Thank you for the opportunity to create something tangible for your family to look back on, no matter what the circumstance, to remember what you value as a unit in the body of Christ. It was so cool to meet people who genuinely care about the wellbeing of the family and took some time to just hang out! Thank you for such a great opportunity and for just being great company!

In Christ,


The Casteen Family

These three were such friendly people. Our time together was relaxed fun! Their beautiful daughter was happy to tell me about her brother who just left for college and how she missed him and to show me just how much she loved her family by hugging them tightly. The session was literally short but so sweet! Thank you guys for taking some time to let me photograph you! I wish we could have spent a little more time together. -Em

The March Family

This little family was so much fun to get to know. Not only did we have a good time trying to get both girls into one frame at the same time, but they were so friendly and open to talking about their lives. This couple was and is truly implementing the "missionary where you are" approach and have been seeking to get to know the person they're reaching instead of just simply sharing the good news and getting on with their lives. Whether teaching in a foreign country or here in the states, they're willing to be used by God for whatever his purposes may be for them.

It was refreshing to meet and get to know you guys! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your family! -Em

PS-one of your pictures was photobombed...but I think it was an accident ;). It's also a cute picture, so I put it in here anyway! 🙂

The McCoy Family

The little men in this family were silly yet suave and spunky yet sweet. They knew how to act cool and "bust a move" (which may or may not still be a hip saying..;) ) while still being sweet enough to care when my youngest son was crying at dinner time. Their momma was cool, calm and collected and, most importantly, genuine. And their dad was brave enough to face the water slide and the zip line that dropped you in the water even though he couldn't swim (yet)! This family was there intentionally to spend time together and to grow.

Thank you guys for allowing me to photograph you as you made the decision to be present at an event that called families to front and center stage. And thanks for being so sweet to my little kiddos, even while one was breaking down at dinner time! And Kahlil, you keep dancing like a pro! You've got some good dance moves!

In Christ,


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