Madison’s Senior Portraits at Burwell-Morgan Mill in Millwood, Virginia

An Evening at the Mill with Madison

The Burwell-Morgan Mill was the perfect location for this lovely girl's senior portraits. The soft bubbling of the creek, the golden sunshine, and the little yellow blossoms blooming on the bushes were just right accents for a girl who's demeanor is kind, unassuming, and introspective. Her natural beauty was well complimented by this bright yet quiet location and the resulting photographs were a pleasure to curate for this post! It was an honor and a joy to be able to photograph Madison at this unique and exciting time in her life! I hope (and know) that you'll leave this post a little happier as you see her sweet smile and the sunshine that tells us spring really is just around the corner in the photographs.

Madison, thank you so much for including me in the precious time of welcoming upcoming adventure and growth while deepening the relationships you already have at home.

Until next time,


Em Rae

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