JJ and friends- the little fella’s baptism day

What a lovely day to be in the beautifully designed, bright and colorful St Joseph Catholic Church and to experience and photograph the baptism service of some sweet little babies. But the cutest of all the babies, and perhaps the suavest (though I may be a little biased) was baby JJ.

The best part of the whole experience, though, was being with the family and friends of little JJ. Yes, even that nearly two-month-old little baby already had friends. I'm tellin' ya, he is literally just that cool. So check out the photographs below to get a feel for the day and to see some cute kids, some smiles, and some excitement! And notice, as you go, the importance of family, of community, and of the intentionality it takes to surround your children with the right people to raise them in the way they should go.

Congratulations Jake, Anastasia, and sweet little JJ!


2 thoughts on “JJ and friends- the little fella’s baptism day

  1. Hell em or can I call you by your given name. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You certainly have a wonderful gift–not only with taking pictures but your writing in your blog. Reminded me of my days when I was surrounded by children, toys, and the wash. Love you, Grandma B

    1. Thank you Grandma!! Yeah, I have to use my “alias,” in case we end up in a slightly more hostile (against Christianity) country in the future. This way I can still blog and do photography without putting my name out there in an obvious way! I love you!!

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