Be the Feet of the Gospel of Peace

Wow. We serve such a creative God.

Scripture says,"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1:20)

That was the thought lingering on my mind as I was out taking these photographs the other evening. God's glory is evident in his creation. Even his invisible attributes are clearly seen!

Will you just consider with me this thought:

If we can look at his creation and see his fing

erprint, his divine nature revealed in every last detail...

...the sun set casting its red glow on the face of the river...

...the soft little toes of our children as they run and laugh through our homes...

...even the way in which we try to mimic His work in our own expressions of creativity...

...How must it seem to the man standing in the middle of his village in the tropics of Papua New Guinea who gazes out to see the peaceful twinkle of the first few stars before he heads to his hammock to sleep? Or to the child who sees the magnificence of the lion as they simply walk through the local zoo? Or to the farmer who, after a long day of labor in his field, is refreshed by an evening rainfall with the mellow undertones of a distant thunder?

They can see the fingerprints of a designer. They can feel the presence of something bigger and deeper than them and, if they're paying attention, they can even feel the longing to know what pulls so strongly at their core.

So who will tell them?

The same letter in the Bible that tells us about God's signature on his creation also says, "how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace..." (Romans 10:1)

How beautiful are the feet who...

...walk next door to invite their neighbor to sit on our porch and watch the fireflies in the evening. Who get to know their hearts and come to a place of mutual respect and friendship and are allowed to speak the Truth to them, extending the ultimate invitation to stand before the Lord as His child.

...who walk into our places of work and radiate the light and the love of Jesus Christ to their coworkers.

...who walk with a friend or a family through the darkest times of their lives and offer them the love of God by their sincerity in service and friendship.


As we examine the creative work of the Author of all life, let's consider the unique role he has given us as his children and as participants in the body of Christ. How can we be used to help those around us connect what they are feeling as they stand in wonder before nature with the proclaimed Truth? The good news of forever, eternal life through the Son of God, Jesus Christ?

Just something to consider. Enjoy the pictures! And please, leave your thoughts or stories that will inspire us to grow in the Lord and to reach out to our neighbors in the comment area here, or on my Facebook page.


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