Adam and Noel’s Maternity Session-Lake Frederick, Virginia

Anticipating Sweet Baby Estrella

Friends, this maternity session was yet another opportunity to see how gracious and tough my clients are in chilly weather! Adam and Noel were so sweet to photograph. We missed a warm day in Virginia by just a couple of days-  but they still completed their session like champs!

We didn't just hang out at one location, either. Adam and Noel, Noel's beautiful momma, and their spunky little dog, Zeke, all made the trek to the Historic Headly Estate on rt. 522 and back to the brisk ridge at Lake Frederick in order to document this incredible time in their marriage and family- the anticipation of a little lady named Estrella.

It was such an honor for me to be able to photograph this couple. Their infectious smiles (especially Noel's!), their laid back demeanor, and their bubbling excitement made a chilly day feel enjoyable and warm. Even more so, it's plain to see from their witness and the intensity by which they care for their marriage that they are going to raise Estrella to know and love the Lord. It makes my heart beam more than usual during this season in a couple's life because their daughter will be blessed to be raised intentionally, with an understood purpose and with love and wisdom that can only come from one Source.

Adam and Noel, thank you so very much for including me in this incredible memory! My family and I are so excited for you guys!

...and on a totally different note...thank you for bringing along your little dog! My daughter talked about him and how she "petted" him the entire time I was working on your images. So cute!

Until next time,

Em Rae

PS- Keep scrolling to see more images from the day!


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