Hello to You!

A Little About Em Rae

Hey there! I'm so glad you're here! Let me give ya a little background on the gal behind the blog.

There was a day, seven years ago, when two very young souls were planning a wedding. A few weeks out the young man turned to his betrothed and said, "Why don't we be tribal missionaries? And let's train with New Tribes Missions right after we get married." And the young lady, who had been dreaming of a quaint little apartment in a nearby town said, “Uh, OK, sounds good!"

After a wedding, a month-long honeymoon, a broken down truck, a couple of other hick-ups and a farewell to their families and their churches, the two made the treck to a hole-in-the-wall town in Michigan to attend two years of Bible training at what was then called New Tribes Bible Institute (now known as Ethnos360)

And we would never take it back.

Since then, we’ve come back to our hometown, had three kids beautiful children within a three year time span, and are preparing to head off to finish the second half of our training in 2019. And we’re excited!

I wanted to start you off there because one of the most important things to me and about me is the desire to see the message of God shared and lived out.

You see, even though my initial reaction to my husband’s suggestion 7 years ago was uncertain, God has patiently and effectively been transforming my heart and expanding my understanding of who he is and what it means to have purpose here on this earth. I’m excited to spend my whole life reaching those who haven’t had a chance to hear the gospel. I’m excited to start here and now to raise my family to know the Lord and to also desire to spread the hope of salvation and life in Jesus. I’m excited to live with my focus on the Lord whether I’m working in a coffee shop in my hometown, out in a bustling city learning how to navigate a jungle of buildings and streets or even off in a remote jungle reaching out to and learning from a people who are magnificently different than me and how to defeat giant spiders and man eating snakes.

Aside from wanting to see the gospel shared with the world, I also enjoy photography, writing, talking to people, and being with my family. Which is why I started a blog. This blog offers me the opportunity to stay home with my kids, training, loving and teaching them and to have time to grow in the Lord with my husband. It gives me the opportunity to make an income that will support my family for two years as we train for life long, tribal missions (because there’s no opportunity for a regular job during that time). It  obviously gives me the opportunity to do photography, to talk to people, and to write! And it gives me the opportunity to study the Word and to grow in the Lord with you!

And hey, because I know you wanted to know some fun facts as well, I’m a coffee drinker, a chocolate eater, and my mom signed my bothers and I up for clown camp when I was around 10. So, if I reach back into the recesses of my mind, I might be able to make you a balloon animal ;).

Clearly, I’m a well rounded individual.

Please, check out this website and if you like it, subscribe! I look forward to walking the fresh walk of new life in our Savior, Jesus, with you!!


Out of The Grey Coffee

Before you read on about the Fresh Walk- Check out this amazing, Gospel Living Family of Coffee Roasters! And get a bag of beans to brew fresh as We Grow Together!

A Little About the Fresh Walk

My hope for you is that as you look through the photographs and read the posts, you’ll find your heart encouraged and your mind engaged, desiring to seek more and more after the Author of all Life, Jesus, the Son and the Lamb of God. 

Because, here’s the thing, we’re all busy. Life for the average American has become overrun with tasks, social media, work, and all the extra activities that we’ve allowed to swarm around ourselves and our families. 

This flurry of activity and influence in our lives causes us to move further and further from the Lord, especially if we are not grounded firmly in our relationship with Him through the Truth of Scripture, prayer and the acting out of our faith on this side of eternity. 

But what does it look like to walk with the Lord? How can we follow Him today? I invite you to stick with me and learn, together, what it looks like to walk in the Spirit…to walk the fresh walk. 

I don’t want to you have a false impression of me. I’m writing this blog because this is where I am in my walk. There are days when my weaknesses are oh so apparent and I allow circumstances to dictate my emotions and my emotions to govern my decisions. 

But I’m learning to see the Lord’s hand in the ebbing of life. I’m learning to hear his whisper. I desire to draw near to him through prayer and to understand him better through his Word. And most of all, I’m praying to learn to be as Jesus was when he walked on the very earth and among the very people that he created. To obey the Father, to live in humility, to serve the people around me. And I’m inviting you to learn with me, and to grow together in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I'm so excited to walk! Are you?