A Baptism at the Washington National Cathedral- Northern Virginia Photography

Imogene's Baptism

Documentary style photography is one of my favorite ways to capture a special time in the life of a family. It's a time when being a wallflower becomes a positive description. A time where I can stand back and see how a family connects and what is important to them. And it's a time where I get to take out my trusty 24-77mm lens and capture those moments that often go missed at events and get-togethers.

National Washington Cathedral Baptism Photography

Sweet little Imogene's baptism at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC was a perfect moment to document. Snow had just covered the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia areas the night before causing many churches to cancel or delay services. As my husband and I found a parking spot, we could tell it was going to be a "cozier" service than perhaps it would have been otherwise, and we were excited! The service felt more intimate and we didn't have to swim through crowds to get pictures.


The baptism and service were beautiful! And the family celebration to follow was not at all hindered by snow or canceled reservations. Imogene was bright and happy and her big brother, Silas, just filled the room with energy. It was so incredible to be part of an event that brings families together and builds connection and warmth between people. I hope you enjoy the connections that were captured as much as I did as you follow the visual story of Imogene's baptism on this page.

Until next time,

Em Rae

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